Projects for the week of 23/5/22

Next week is going to be insanely busy for me. I have two major assignments due and an Age of Sigmar tournament to attend. I’ve also been asked to attend a Flesh and Blood event on Thursday night. The assignments are mostly done aside from the contextual work that needs to accompany them and whatever recording I’ve not completed yet. I’m in the final stretch here with only four submissions left before graduation.

The Age of Sigmar tournament presents an interesting problem. I have a fun idea for an army but one of my models isn’t quite finished yet:

So to play the way I want I will need to finally finish this model up on top of the rest of the stuff I need to do. That gives me tonight, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday to complete the assignments and finish the Allopex.

In addition, I have a surprise project arriving tomorrow that I would also like to start on if time permits. It’s a new model and I want to try building it on camera. While this seems like extra work it’s actually something I can recycle back into one of my uni assignments.

Stay tuned to see if I manage to get all of this done AND somehow produce a post a day šŸ™‚

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