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Cruising Ancient Greece

Lately I have started stalking the pages of Kickstarter. I have become somewhat addicted to looking for the latest table top games to fund. My latest obsession – Aeon Trespass: Odyssey.

This game has completely enthralled me. I don’t know if it is the amazing art, the red-figure pottery aesthetic or that I feel like I missed the boat on Kingdom Death: Monster (and don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to try and catch up) but something about this game is really resonating with me. It probably doesn’t hurt that one of my favourite myths growing up was that of Jason and the Argonauts. I love the idea of sailing around the ancient Greek world, having adventures, occasionally mind controlling a thirty foot tall titan in a fight against some primordial horror.

Some of the miniature designs in this campaign look absolutely incredible, my personal favourite being the Hyper-time Oracle. What really sells this game to me is the lore and mystery they have already instilled into the game. For example, the following except from the official Aeon Trespass site:

“The thing loomed over Delphi like an omen of doom for three days straight. It did not move. From a distance, it could pass for a robed figure, maybe one of the Pythian priestesses, an oracle.

Whole families went up the hill to witness it.

Yet wonderment of this rare sighting turned sour and grotesque once they came closer and realised its immense size and unearthliness. For its robe was not of cloth, but of a flowing leathery breathing skin with a lining of feathers. Its many jewels – pulsating dark orifices that consumed all light. ‘Inverted eyes’ as the acolytes of the Imperfect called them. And the face. There was no face at all.”

If you couldn’t already, I am really excited to get this game to the table! Hopefully my painting skills will have improved by January 2021 when this game is due to arrive 🙂

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