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The Plan

It’s no secret that I’ve neglected this blog. While I could say this time will be different honestly, who knows? The truth is that my time is not entirely my own; family, work, university all take a large chunk of the time that could otherwise be spent painting and playing. But this is not a new problem, and not one that I alone experience. Part of this is why I first wanted to create this blog, to look games and game culture from the perspective of a man that is time poor and yet passionate about their chosen hobby.

The last two years have been hard. I think COVID really hit us all in it’s own way, and frankly I’m only just starting to learn the impact it has had on me and my wellbeing. Don’t worry, I have a good network of friends and family behind me and am getting professional help. I’ll be fine, I’m sure of it 🙂

Anyway, getting back to the blog. So I want to update more, which shouldn’t be difficult given the 2+ years and three posts so far. Instead of a schedule I want to do this more organically though, where I work on my own schedule. If that looks like five posts a week or one or two a month then I will be fine either way. The important thing is that I think of this blog as something that accompanies the hobby now. When I finish painting a model or a playing a session my thought should be “now I need to record this”. I’m not promising myself (or you) that this will happen every time but I will make the effort to do more.

As far as the type of content to expect, I’m not entirely sure. Videos and photos are all in the cards. I’ve created a category devoted to the hobby side of gaming (painting, building, collecting) and think that provides a fun space to explore. Also writing this piece now has made me think that a more general “Musings” section should also make the cut, for times when I have nothing game related to say but still feel like indulging in some public self-therapy. If you have some thoughts on that maybe comment below?

The next step thankfully is easy – just play more games and paint more things. While I’m doing that think about writing something. When I’m done try and set aside time to reflect and share. Let’s see how this goes, not looking at this as a chore but just the final step when I’ve completed something.

Take care and hopefully I see you all soon.

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