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On Blog Design

Keeping up with content creation has felt good so far. To be fair though this has been mainly due to me being motivated to paint which leads to natural progress updates. I am concerned about what happens when that motivation slows, that’s usually when these other creative endevours lose steam. I guess that’s musings for another day…

What I did want to put out there was my thoughts on how to best maintian this blog for future access. Currently I’m nesting posts directly under menus on the welcome page but at the rate I am producing content this feels unsustainable. My current line of thinking is that I want to keep the main categories I have on the welcome screen as these tell any reader exactly what my blog is about without too much investigation. However, each of these categories will then need it’s own landing page and then branching content from there. I should investigate some other blogs and work out what I like and what works.

Currently I’m thinking this type of structure:

I am concerned this may be too nested. Hobby has been the focus area lately so I can see where I am headed with that aspect of the blog. Game Culture might be on it’s way out in place of general blog style musing. I don’t see a reason to seperate my thoughts on Game Culture from my other ramblings on personal subjects. Plus I haven’t had anything unique to say in this space for a while.

I have an idea of what I want to do with tabletop games and will probably be more active here when I start up the Bloodborne project again. Again, if I have any specific thoughts on design I think they will just end up under musings and then potentially further categorised.

Video Games is something I want to look at but I feel as though this space is saturated already with opinion so not where my primary audience would come from. I’m not looking to review games or anything of the sort, and I guess general feelings and thoughts might also fall more into a blog style entry? Maybe this category isn’t needed either? Or maybe Musings is just non-game related thoughts like this posts where I explore how to make a blog or other personal matters?

I guess I’m struggling between differentiating different styles of blog posts. For the hobby category its easy, miniatures easily fall into set categories depending on the game/ army/ box/ unit type. Posts here will mostly be project updates and photos potentially even the occasional video. I think the monthly updates on current projects will help keep me organised and keep me motivated to progress, provided I make progress that is otherwise it will probably be demotivating… I guess I’ll see how it works out for June. The smaller project progress updates are a no brainer. They seem to write themselves after a painting session at the moment so it should be no problem to keep up with these.

I guess I’m back to toying with layouts until I land on something I like. Changes will be probably be made before this post goes live, but I’ll still be open to suggestions if you see something that could work better

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