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Product Review: “The Masters” Brush Cleaner and Preserver

I wouldn’t normally do this but this product has simply gone beyond my expectations and has completely changed my hobbying. I am not the most well organised person, despite any appearance that this regularly updated blog give. As a result, my tools often suffer, wet palettes aren’t kept moist, paint lids dont close properly and dry out and my poor brushes eventually become so caked in paint that they are essentially unusable. I used to perform a rinse after each painting session but this only goes so far in maintiaing the bristles and over time the bush becomes hard and splayed. In turn this affects my motivation to paint, not having access to the tools I need and the cost of replacing them actually stops me for painting for weeks at a time.

As a part of reigniting this blog, I decided to invest a bit of money into auxilary painting supplies as well. I picked up a proper wet palette, some quality brushes, new paints in dropper bottles and, with my last $20 I purchased “The Masters” Brush Cleaner and Preserver in a 2.5oz (74.4g) tub.

I had heard about this product before but I was skeptical. My initial use was underwhelming, I wasn’t convinced there was a noticable difference in the cleaness of my brushes. I perservered however and began to incorporate the use of the brush cleaner into the ritual of packing away after painting. After a few uses it became apparent that my brushes were not deteriorating at the rate they usually did, points were being maintained and in the case of one of my extremely overused brushes, the point was restored!

Seeing this I decided to try an restore a few older brushes that I was about to throw out. It took a few hours of washing, drying and rewashing but I was incredibly impressed with the results. Sure, those brushes might not have the same quality as the newer brushes I have, but they are now usuable for jobs like dry brushing and metallic detail. Not only do I feel like using the brush cleaner has saved me money by reducing the number of brushes I will need, but it actually revived brushes I would have thrown away otherwise.

I cannot stress how greatly this simple product has impacted my hobbying. It has even made me excited to clean up after a night of painting, I love watching the paint come out of the bristles and shaping the brushes again. If you are finding yourself in a similar position I highly encourage you to check the link at the top of this post out. Hopefully it is as revolutionary for you as it has been for me!

NB. I am not sponsored by either “The Masters” Brush Cleaner and Preserver OR The Combat Company from the store link above, I am just a big fan of both brands 🙂

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