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Echoes of Doom!

It’s here! I’ve been looking forward to this box for a few weeks and my copy arived yesterday. I’ve been really keen to start a Skaven Warband and this seemed like a solid start. The Sylvaneth models are also pretty cool so it’s almost like they were included as a free bonus at this point.

My thoughts on the theming of these armies so far is this: I don’t have an army representing Uglu (the realm of shadows) or Ghyran (the realm of life). Sylvaneth are the obvious choice for Ghyran but I want to theme them around native Australian trees – I’ve seen a lot of cherry blossom themed armies that look really cool and figure maybe I can do the same thing for wattle trees or ghost gums.

For the Skaven, I want to go for shadowy blues and purples. The models have a lot of metal on them so I’m undecided how I’m going to paint that. Everyone seems to do rusty blades but then again I also seem to paint gleaming silver a lot too. The other idea I had was monochrome with green accents. I have a couple of test models so I might experiment and see what I like.

And just because I am overexcited about this whole bundle here is a WIP shot:

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