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Reflection on Video Creation

Wow, that was rough. I filmed the video on Monday night and ended up with an hour of footage. At first I was recording audio while building but the background noises of family life really distracted from the video itself. Tuesday and Wednesday were sepnt stitching the videos together and working out what I was going to do with all the footage. I just settled for a time lapse as it was the path of least resistance and I wanted to have something ready for Thursday. I also had another shot at recording audio on Wednesday but what I ended up with was somewhat unclear and quite frankly, not interesting.

Thursday morning I decided to just have some back ground music and play that over the build. Perhaps it will make something nice to go in the background while someone else builds their model?

Things I like about the video:

  • The camera worked well and seemed to keep focus for the most part
  • The position of the camera wasn’t too restrictive on my movement and remained steady
  • Filming was fun

Things I didn’t like:

  • The audio sucked. I need to do something if I actually want to record clearly
  • Background noise
  • Editing
  • The end result – I have something produced but I’m not happy with it.

What to change next time:

  • It would be good to get more comfortable with recording and know where the sweetspot is so I don’t block my shots. I guess this comes with practice
  • I’m conisdering investing in a better microphone, I’m using the one built into the laptop and not getting great results
  • Finding a quieter space. In what seems to be a recurring theme, I need to clear the old furniture out of th garage and turn that into my creative/ gaming space. Failing that maybe using the bathroom as I have done previously for recording may help.
  • A focus on painting might be more interesting for time lapse. I feel as though the building isn’t as interesting as it could be and adding some color to the frame might help. It might also work better if recording audio is not an option for a time.

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