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My Favorite Model

Glutos Orscillion, the gluttonous mage of Slaanesh is the model that I have enjoyed painting the most. When my wife brought me this kit I immediately stopped work on everything else and began on this beauty. I thought I would spend a little time today talking about what I liked about the process and what I would change going forward.

The kit itself was a beast to assemble and this was the first time I tried to use sub assemblies to assist with painting. I still had a bit to learn and some areas on the underside don’t have the paint coverage/ detail that I would have liked. I also had slight issues getting the demons pulling the barge to stick in the right position. However, looking at the model now I would say that those details are only really noticable if you know what you are looking for. All up, I used a total of twelve sub assemeblies, and that included each of the individual riders as their own figure.

I really like the colors I used, although I can’t take full credit for picking the scheme. My wife’s single instruction was “baby pink”. From there I decided that green would make a good accent for the model with the added benefit of being my favorite color. Plumage, feathers and some leather got treatment with Kabalite Green and the large “pearls” were shaded with Coela Greenshade. I also really enjoyed using white and ‘Ardcoat to try and simulate the pear aesthetic. If I was to paint the model again, I think I would try to do some marbling on these parts but I am happy with the clean look. This was also my first attempt at wet blending on the claws and I was really happy with the result. So happy in fact that it has become a core paint of the overall army’s paint scheme.

This is the first time I put more effort into the base. The bright green grass I think really adds to the overall piece and the small tufts really break up what would otherwise be a really bland, large base.

Here are some more glamour shots of the model, enjoy!

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