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Warcry: First Impressions

And just like that I have two games of Warcy under my belt! I was very impressed by how simple the ruleset is and yet it feels like there is a lot going on. Also it was nice to fit two games into the time it would normally take to play a game of Age of Sigmar, and that’s with both me and my opponent trying to learn the rules.

What I liked:

  • Quick games
  • Alternate activations
  • Easy to learn
  • The system of spending dice to activate abilities
  • It felt like every model had a chance to do something
  • Fewer models felt more strategic
  • Interactions with terrain were fun
  • SQUIGS!!!

What I didn’t like

  • Setting up the terrain was a pain
  • Some of the objective cards were very wordy
  • Some objectives seemed very one sided

Overall, I had a complete blast! I used the newly painted Daughters of Khaine in my first battle and really liked how they felt like lithe and agile fighters. For the second game I used my Gloomspite Gitiz and well… squigs are overpowered! The highlight was when two squigs managed to take out an Ironjawz Megaboss.

I’m looking forward to having another game and trying some new model combinations out. The system really encourages me to try out some of the models I havent quite gotten around to painting or putting on the board yet (sorry Slaanesh).

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