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Arena of Shades Nighthaunt – The Ugly Phase

Oh god, what have I done?! Maybe twenty models was too much at once but this session has been an absolute SLOG. Here is where I am at:

As painful as this has been there is a highlight, I kind of love how these two models from the Craventhrone Guard look. Almost like they are having a spot of gossip on the battlefield.

Although everything looks ugly now, the best bit is coming up: applying shade so details pop out and my mistakes are mostly hidden. After that it’s touch ups and basing.

In other news I’ve been invited to play a game of Warcry in a few days and have decided to give my Daughters of Khaine a spin. Unfortunately that means I need a few models painted quickly. Hopefully I can finally put the Nighthaunt away and have a completed warband before the game!

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