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Sister of Slaughter – Paint Test

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to paint today. The weather was nice so I took the opportunity to prime the Nighthaunt and Daughters of Khaine projects currently on my desk. I was leaning towards batch painting a bunch of the Nighthaunt models but while priming I began to have an idea.

I had been really struggling with how I would theme the Daughter of Khaine but looking at them after they were primed I began thinking that they looked kind of like devils. It probably helps that I built as many as I could with masks on. I had decided earlier that I wanted to try white theather masks to make them look like performers. Having the devil theme made me think of red skin and gold plated armour.

Here is the end result of the experiment. I’m not sure if I will paint the entire army this way at this point but I am happy with the mask and skin at least. I’m not sure how I would base them, I might have to have a look at what is available when I make my next hobby purchase.

I think I might sleep on this idea and see what inspiration hits. Or maybe try a different model in the range with the same scheme and see how well it translates? I’m open to suggestions should anyone have a good idea where to go from here.

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