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Projects: May 2022

I think this might help to get me organised and motivated. Below is a list of hobby projects that I am currently working on followed by a list of future projects that I would like to start on:

  • Stormcast Eternals (finishing touches needed, 6 models)
  • Bloodborne Board Game (about 60% done, all models primed)
  • Slaanesh Mortals (about 50% done, models primed, 15 models)
  • Marvel United: Spiderverse (models primed, models, 5 models)
  • Idoneth Deepkin (models primed, started, 25 models)
  • Fyreslayers (models primed, test model completed, 20 models)
  • Nighthaunt (built, 20 models)
  • Daughters of Khaine (built, 20 models)
  • Small terrain (primed, 4 pieces)

Ok, that seems achievable in a couple of months. So here’s the stuff that I could work on after this

  • Marvel United (I have a lot of this but painting one box at a time so I’m not overwhelmed)
  • Middara (I want to play this once it is fully painted, 40 models
  • Zombicide 2.0 (Although I’m happy to not paint this one…)
  • Massive Darkness 2 (Another series of mini projects to consider, some stuff looks fun to paint but if I start I’ll want everything painted eventually)
  • Townsfolk Tussle (Good chance I’ll start on this next, about 20 models and they look fun to paint)

And while I’m at it here is potential future projects that haven’t arrivedor are just dreams at this point. Ideally I clear something off the top list before one of these becomes possible:

  • Trudvang Legends
  • Primal
  • Chaos Knights
  • Anything Age of Sigmar that looks remotely fun

OK, that does actually feel manageable. The projects that aren’t started wont kill me if they never get started, its just the ones that are half done that haunt me. Looking at the list though its just a few weeks of knuckling down and getting some painting done.

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