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The Scriptor Mortis – Process Diary

Tonight I’m starting a new model for my Nighthaunt army. I thought it might be a good idea to capture the process of how I go about deciding on a color scheme for a new project.

Luckily I’ve painted a ton of Nighthaunt already. I often decribe them as the army I paint when I want to switch off, I have a set pallette for most of the range. Admittedly that pallette was based on the limited paints I had at the time, and they were originally an excuse to try out Citadel’s Nighthaunt Gloom paint. Even though the paints I have access to has greatly expanded since then, it’s nice to have a “comfort” army to paint up.

Comparing to previous models that I have painted I have a rough idea how most things will look:

From this, the ghostly bits, flames and bone is already decided. I have a bit of free reign to try something with the book. I’m also thinking because this model doesn’t have a shawl or armour on the back it might be fun to show a transition between the ghost and pallid skin parts of the model.

I start with the Nighthaint Gloom. It’s an extremely satifying paint to use, almost like a pseudo contrast paint. It gives a nice base for the fading spirit effect I like on these models. Starting here also makes the dry brushing a bit less stressful, I can be a bit reckless and then apply the rest of the paints over to conceal any mistakes. After the drybrush with Vallejo’s Ghost Grey I end up with something like this:

Usually now I would use a Rhinox hide for any cloth but this model doesn’t have any. The next major component is the bone so that seems like a good thing to tackle next. I use Citadel’s Wraithbone as a base for both the bones and candles. I also realise that painting the book now will probably save me some pain later so I use Citadel’s Khorne Red on the book cover.

Metallics next! Leadbelcher, Brass Scorpion, Bathasar Gold and Gehenna’s Gold all appear on other models in my army so I place those where they make sense. I also take this opportunity to add Rakarth Flesh to the pages of the book and Corvus Black on the hair and quill.

And now for the fun part that makes the most immediate difference, slathering in Agrax Earthsahde to make the detail pop back out. I also use some Reikland Fleshshade on the candles to give them a slightly different look to the bone. Everything then gets highlighted back up with the color that I orginally used. Candle flames are then painted with Corax white, Yriel Yellow and Warp Lightning for the yellow/ green effect. After a bit of tweaking with colours this is the end result:

I also wanted to try something a little different with the pages of the tome. Rather than trying the usual squiggles to simulate writing I opted for a blank book with mouldy pages. I used Vallejo Heavy Grey and mix it with some Wraithbone and Rakarth Flesh in different ratios for the following effect:

And finally a family photo to make sure it is consistant with the rest of my army. For a slightly unconventional model, I think it fits pretty well with the rest!

I really like the model, the ribcage on the book and sword/ candleholder that impales the body were my favourite parts. I’m excited to use this in a game and potentially fielding a Nighthaunt army after the new rules release

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